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What are Data Warehouse (DWH) & Business Intelligence (BI) solutions?

The rapid pace of today’s business environment has made business intelligence (BI) systems indispensable to an organization’s success.

Business intelligence systems turn a company’s raw data into useable information that can quickly help management understand and address back office needs such as efficiency and productivity, analyze customer behavior, identify and understand market trends, and search for new opportunities.

Business intelligence relies on an effective data warehouse (DWH) to extract the data required for information analysis in time to facilitate real-time decision-making.

A DWH is a data repository, which stores current as well as historical data, designed to support an organization’s decision making.

CRM Factory’s view on DWH & BI systems and processes

We understand that a data warehouse solution does not end at storing data in a central database. Business Intelligence does not only entail good looking reports. Extensive experience in the DWH and BI area enables us to deliver to the client what he really needs.

  • Integrating data from multiple source systems, enabling a central view across the enterprise
  • Improving data quality throughout a variety of systems.
  • Preparing data for best usability for the users
  • Presenting the organization’s information in a consistent manner
  • Delivering excellent query performance, enabling complex analytic queries

We collect information which is a

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result of marketing, sales, and service activities. Customers’ behavior is influenced by those activities, which in turn is reflected by the data within diverse systems throughout the corporate system landscape.

The collection, merging and analysis of this data is a continuous process. A broad range of techniques, including reporting, query analysis, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and data mining are just part of what we consider a holistic DWH and BI solution